Window rebate vents

arimeo window rebate vents are used effectively to prevent mould. Finely dosed fresh air flows in through the closed window via the window rebate vents, so that the structural-physically required minimum air exchange can be achieved without wasting energy.

Window rebate vents react to the wind pressure changes around the building. At stronger wind speeds the air flaps automatically control the incoming air and thus avoid draughts. If the wind speed drops again, the air flaps automatically open for new fresh air supply. arimeo window rebate vents are always installed between the wing and frame of the window, being invisible when window is shut. They exclusively use the space between the wing and the frame as an air flow path, i.e. the window rebate.

The characteristics at a glance

  • independent of window hardware
  • ideal for moisture proofing ventilation according to DIN 1946-6
  • very good sound insulation (Rw till 44 dB)
  • saving 50 % installation time
  • invisible when window is shut
  • permanent minimum air exchange
  • automatic flap control avoiding draughts
  • no energy required
  • even for retrofitting existing windows
  • maintenance-free
  • visible air flow pathes
  • suitable for fresh air supply according to DIN 18017-3
  • suitable for combustion air supply according to DVGW-TRGI
  • permissible according to the German Energy Saving Regulation (EnEV) and permissible as outer air transfer devices according to DIN 1946-6