Combustion air supply

Verbrennungsluftversorgung in GebäudenA crackling fire, a steamy bubble bath and a healthy indoor climate. Our home should be our daily small resort. Thereby, fireplaces and gas boilers contribute significantly to our everyday life comfort. However, it is vitally important, that all devices are sufficiently supplied with combustion air, otherwise the formation of toxic gases will be a result. Our chimney sweepers bear the responsibility, that we do not hover between life and death when using our everyday living comfort. Due to tight building envelopes chimney sweepers increasingly face a great challenge.

Optimal combustion and evacuation of perilous exhaust gas

GasthermeIn case of room air dependent fireplaces the air necessary for the combustion need to slipstream from outside to the set up. The incoming air creates a proper combustion (no formation of carbon monoxide) and also ensures the evacuation of exhaust gases by avoiding a critical low pressure in the room. An adequate supply of combustion air is therefore required by law – the technical regulations for gas installations DVGW-TRGI as well as the Model Building Regulations MBO and State Building Codes respectively are the relevant German regulations.

A challenge: tight windows

Through tight windows and a tight construction in general, the combustion air supply of room-air-dependent fireplaces is increasingly becoming a challenge. Where once the 4 to 1 rule used to be on the safe side, today the outside air that flows in through building leaks is often no longer sufficient to supply enough fireplaces. Unpopular measures are often the order of the day after a change of windows, which includes:

  • Trimming door leaves
  • ventilation grilles
  • unattractive openings of the building envelope
  • decommissioning of fireplaces

No matter which of these measures comes into play, the trouble is inevitable. For this problem we offer solutions that are accepted by the home users, because they are not only inexpensive, but also pleasant and inconspicuous.