Window vents

Home ventilation has become a constant theme. The tight construction, including tight windows, has caused moisture damage on a large scale in recent years, so that standards and regulations now stipulate ventilation concepts. The necessary home ventilation can be realized simply, cost-effectively and in compliance with the standards by installing arimeo window vents.

Small component, great effect

Imagine the following for your home: you have small, inconspicuous components in your windows and you do not need to worry about the correct ventilation and the prevention of moisture damages anymore. At the same time, you do not perceive the existence of ventilation measures at all, as the ventilation components

  • independent of window hardware
  • saving 50 % installation time
  • are hidden in the window rebate,
  • do not cause any noise,
  • avoid unpleasant air drafts (automatic flap control),
  • do not need energy and
  • do not need to be maintained.

This is exactly what can be achieved with arimeo window rebate vents, which can be installed successfully resp. can be included in ventilation concepts according to the German standard DIN 1946-6. They are usually used to secure a moisture-proofing home ventilaton in an occupant-independent manner.

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