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If you are looking for answers about home ventilation or are interested in effective and standard-compliant solutions which do not oversize your ventilation concepts, then we are exactly your partner.

Challenge of home ventilation

Home ventilation became very important in recent years. As architecture is realized more and more airtight a multitude of problems arise, e.g. mold growth. Due to this standards and regulations have been established, in which the user independent ventilation is claimed. As a result, window suppliers are now confronted with the obligation to  compile a ventilation concept according to DIN 1946-6 even when replacing windows. Both architects and planners have to take on responsibility comparably.

Our support is our advice

telefonistinChoosing and realising the correct ventilation concept is not easy, as standards are complex and the variety of technical solutions requires an extensive analysis. We have set ourselves the goal to assist you in the best possible way and to give you certainty in the area of home ventilation. Our team not only draws on a wealth of experience, but also knows the standards as well as the structural-physical requirements.

Our recommendation: window vents

We are convinced that  window vents are the easiest and best solution to fulfill the current requirements of the German Energy Saving Regulation (EnEV) and the German DIN standard. For this reason, we have decided to undertake the exclusive distribution of this vent for many years. Since its entry into the market in 1999 we have supported the planning of thousands of objects resp. equipping these with window vents.

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