Envision more

„Envision more“ at INNOPERFORM® – which means envision more advice, more service and a noticeable added value on the window. Your confidence is our concern. In the following we explain, what you can expect from us and what drives our actions.

Envision more advice

It is the human being who drives us! Therefore, we perceive us as a company with a high performance factor. You will recognize this in our customer service. Particularly in the area of window ventilation but also in many other areas of window technology, we draw on a solid wealth of experience.  We are always advising according to the interests of our clients, looking for the best and smallest possible solutions.  We avoid the oversizing of product-side solutions and are eager to offer you a maximum of transparency and honesty during our counselling. That is something you can rely on.

Envision more service

Our service reflects our performance standard. If you approach us with problems or special requests, you will encounter understanding and fall on open ears. No matter which challenges occur, solved problems strengthen us and our partners.

Envision added value on the window

INNOPERFORM® delivers innovative components for windows, however, it is not the complexity of technology which drives us, but rather it is the man and his needs. We measure true added value by the freedom and comfort which is given to the people through our product solutions. At the same time, the necessary technique should be as easy and simple as possible. This is the challenge we rise to.

Even today windows offer people the freedom of connectivity to nature, provide security and take over the ventilation of flats.   Looking in the future, windows will provide even more freedom and comfort to people. Furthermore, functions which we cannot imagine today, become daily standard. During this process INNOPERFORM® perceives itself as innovative motor. It is our aim to be one of those who will shape the window of the future and to deliver components for windows with even greater added value.

Already today, our products achieve noticeable added value on the window. We offer solutions which provide freedom and security both for our clients and partners as well as for occupants.