JUSTA® fastening system

The German Energy Savings Regulation (EnEV) and its increasing requirements for the durability of the safe load transfer and the air tightness of building connections are challenging both architects and window fitters. Conventional installation methods reach their limits, as windows are not only becoming increasingly heavy, they are also moving further and further outwards.

JUSTA® provides safety when installing windows

Extending the innovative range of INNOPERFORM® products, JUSTA® not only meets the increasingly difficult requirements of window fitting, but even facilitates it and furthermore, provides the necessary safety with regard to the EnEV requirements. The window fixing tie JUSTA® BA and the bearer plate JUSTA® TT ensures a lasting load transfer of increasingly heavy windows and a perfect window sealing. Using the ratcheting JUSTA® installation wrench allows an easy adjustment of the window (demonstrated in the  short film about installation of JUSTA® TT or JUSTA® BA).

Durable load transfer being an EnEV requirement

Fenstermontage TT und BAJUSTA® ensures the durability of the safe load transfer in the way, that support pads can completely set aside. Due to the fixed connection of the load-bearing component with the window, a time-delayed sagging of windows because of displaced or inadvertently removed support pads can be excluded. The bearer plate JUSTA® TT is generally used for the lower load transfer.

Durable tightness is also mandatory

MontageThe air and rain tightness of the building joint is also a particularly important aspect of EnEV. For this reason, modern multi-functional tapes are frequently used for sealing. Whereas, conventional installation techniques often result in a sealing problem at the fastening points, JUSTA® ensures the functionality of the joint seal due to its flat design, which makes it possible that multi-functional sealing tapes  can even be arranged circumferential around the window, i.e. also below. This not only saves valuable installation time, but also leads to a consistently high-quality solution for the customer. The air- and water-tightness up to 600 Pa has been certified for this fastening and sealing system by the ift Rosenheim according to ift-directive  MO-01/1, section 5 (test report 105 34510/3 of 26.03.2008).

Stronger outside insulation – windows move outwards

Auskragende Fenstermontage mit JUSTA und Iso Top WINFRAMERDue to the increasing building insulations, windows are moving further and further outwards. Installing in the wall edge area already cause an installation problem for the conventional dowelling, which can easily be solved by window fixing ties JUSTA® BA (wall edge distance to be met). As soon as windows are moving further outwards, i.e. in the insulation level, an additional problem for the conventional lower load transfer arises. The best solution is the combination of front-wall installation frames, JUSTA® TT resp. JUSTA® BA and a circumferential multi-functional tape. The following short film shows well-thought-out solutions in different window positions:

Installation in different window positions

JUSTA® – overview of advantages

  • easily adjusting and safe fastening
  • in compliance with standards – no screwing in the wall edge area
  • easy and safe, even in the insulation level
  • perfectly in combination with multi-functional tapes – also below
  • safe load transfer, even with triple-glazing windows
  • durable load transfer according to German Energy Savings Regulation (EnEV)