Air flow gasket USD

It is essential for an effective home ventilation to ensure that the air between different rooms can flow freely. Usually, the following concept is realized: fresh air flows via the window vents into the home on the wind pressure sides of the building and the moisture-enriched air flows out again on the wind suction sides.

Restrained air flow transfer device for interior doors

Continuous air flow paths are absolutely necessary for an operational overall concept, i.e. in line with a ventilation measure the interior doors need to be designed air-permeable.  The INNOPERFORM® air flow gasket (USD) convinces as simple and cost-effective solution, which is optically inconspicuous and pleasant, since it perfectly fits into the home and does not impair the appearance of the interior door area.

air flow gasket for interior doorsThe USD is installed in the locating slot of the timber door frame instead of the standard system gasket. Generally, the gaskets are exchanged horizontally  at the top of the door frame. In the case of an increased demand, the gasket on the hinge side can additionally be exchanged. This measure permits the flow of the air volume required for moisture proofing of the home from one room to the next when the door is closed. Thus, it supports the planned transverse ventilation or mechanical ventilation (with ventilators) of the home.

The USD from INNOPERFORM® is available in various colors and gasket cross sections.

Overview of advantages:

  • pleasant appearance
  • simple installation
  • low investment needs
  • no milling, door panel cutting or grille
  • good sound insulation (due to change of direction)
  • air permeability certified by ift Rosenheim
  • certified by TÜV Süd: suitable for combustion air supply

Certified by ift Rosenheim

The air flow gasket from INNOPERFORM® is certified in relation to its air permeability by the ift Rosenheim. Therefore, it is allowed for ventilation concepts of all kind as air flow transfer device according to DIN.

TÜV-certified solution for combustion air supply

The air flow gasket is an efficient solution to increase the air capacity and thus, ensure a sufficient combustion air supply for room-air-dependent fireplaces (e.g. gas hot water heater).

According to the evaluation S 1212-00/15 of the TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH, uncut interior doors with USD can be considered in accordance with graph 2 of diagram 9.1 respectively table 9-3 of the DVGW-TRGI, in order to determine the chargeable heat output for a sufficient combustion air supply. The solution is much more accepted by occupants than cutting door panels leaves or the like.