What drives us to innovate again and again? The human being!

People have always enthused about the great view from the top of a mountain or the sunset on the sea during their last holiday. Such experiences connnect people. That is what we are left with looking back at a full life. That is what we remember. Many good times with friends in an environment that gives imagination wingsOut of this desire windows in our buildings have grown larger over the last years. Technology allows us today to enjoy a wonderful view without having to fear that energy costs rise to infinity or an unhealthy indoor climate arises. 

Modern components provide the necessary security and high comfort. Essential needs such as fresh air and cosiness remain in focus. Thus windows stand today as a transparent link between our living space and nature and inspire us to create even more freedom and comfort for people. Our constant motivation for innovation around the window of the future is health and security of families, coupled with the small but indispensable luxury of connectivity to nature.