Window vents and innovate window technology

People should feel comfortable and safe in their homes while enjoying the perfect view to the outside. They should not worry about the correct ventilation or the protection against different weather conditions. They should feel safe and free. Based on this vision we deliver innovative technology for the transparent elements of our buildings – the windows . A special focus is put on window vents. They give people a piece of carelessness in their home, because they create the basis for a healthy interior climate.

arimeo window rebate vents

Today’s tight construction method inevitably lead to ventilation measures, such as window vents. Otherwise, structural damages occur. Requirements for home ventilation according to DIN 1946-6 have increased. The future of discreet ventilation solutions lies in precise technogology and compact design. With arimeo – the new window rebate vent from INNOPERFORM® – we deliver a solution to the window industry, that hits the core of our company’s philosophy: achieve great effect in a simple way. arimeo window vents are installed in new windows respectively retrofitted in existing windows with only a few simple installation steps. They ensure the necessary minimum air change invisibly and independently of window hardware, even when the window is closed. In addition, arimeo can be used as fresh air supply device in combination with exhaust air fans oder as combustion air supply device for room air-dependent gas hot water heaters or wood-burning stoves.

Planning assistance in the area of window vents

In terms of the right ventilation with window vents, we are absolute experts, especially with regard to the fulfillment of standards and the implementation of ventilation concepts, we provide intensive and accurate advice. With decades of experience in home ventilation and the planning assistance for thousands of window vents, we are a partner, window suppliers and planners can rely on.