arimeo – precise as nature

Fresh air – the elixir of life in our homes. We need it to breathe and to protect our buildings. Therfor, right balance is essential for ventilation. That is the only way to keep wind and weather outside, while having the feel-good climate inside. If fresh air is just always around, then “someone” is taking care of the essentials completely unnoticed. arimeo – pure balance.

arimeo – the new generation of window rebate vents

In addition to increasing demands on technical equipment, the desire arises for solutions that are elegant, almost invisible and comfortable in operation. Thus, the glass wing butterfly – as a symbol of technical perfection, elegance and balance – has inspired us to develop a whole new generation of window rebate vents.

INNOPERFORM® – innovation and performance

…are for us as the manufacturer of arimeo drive and a mission at the same time, to always develop the best solutions for your everyday challenges. In doing so, you as a person with your needs and desires stand at the center of all our pursuit.

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Learn more about the vision of arimeo in our image brochure “arimeo – pure balance” (in German).